Yes is a good word.  It has a connotation that’s positive… like adventure… change… new things.  But if you’re like me, you have probably said “yes” when what you really wanted to say was “no”.  There is pressure all around to say “yes”.  Yes to favors.  Yes to jobs that are good but are not aligned with our purpose.  Yes to “ministry opportunities” that you neither have time for or are gifted to carry out.  Yes to looking a certain way.  Yes to having that thing you really can’t afford.  

Author and philanthropist, Bob Goff, has famously said that he quits one thing every Thursday.   According to him, it’s a way to reevaluate and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s a way to create margin and bring sanity.  
Sometimes we have to say no to good things to make way for the best things.  This is difficult for me.  A real stretch.  For me it is part FOMO (fear of missing out) and part the people-pleasing side of me that I hate to admit exists.  So, how do I change this about myself?  

Reminders.  Like this one, from Anne Lamott.  Loved ones who know me.  Really know me and can speak into my life when I’m settling for the good things and missing out on the best things… the things that I was created for.

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