Racism and Resources

You have heard me say time and time again that your story matters. Now I feel it is imperative for me to say this: Black stories matter. It is also crucial that I listen to those stories. And then change and grow. I’d like to share some resources that have been highly recommended to this … Continue reading Racism and Resources


From the moment I woke up this morning I could feel the quicksand.  Do you know the feeling?  Where even the thought of doing the next anything feels like slogging through three feet of pudding wearing flippers? I filled my coffee.  Sat down.  Scrolled through updates on my phone.  And then just wanted to crawl … Continue reading Yellow

I Am Kissed By a Tree

I walk concrete paths, my vision tunneled the desolate streets echo with an eerie hush I am deep in the downward spiral of my thoughts that drift between drowsiness and dread This noxious nothingness that has invaded my world is peculiar And deadly With masked mouths and beleaguered breath, we have shuttered our windows and … Continue reading I Am Kissed By a Tree

Lemon Oreos…

… or Bearing False Witness Getting our youngest ready for school can sometimes be a challenge.  He is easily distractible, and I often spend most of my morning following up on him.  This morning I came out of the bedroom, where I was getting ready to leave, to make sure he had fed the dog. … Continue reading Lemon Oreos…


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