Meet Melissa

Melissa is a certified professional life coach collaborating with people to inspire them to live a better story.  She is  passionate about guiding others as they overcome obstacles, focus on their goals and change the trajectory of their stories.  She believes that each and every person has a purpose and a hero’s story to live.  One of her favorite tools in coaching is the Enneagram which she believes holds the most potential for personal, spiritual and relational growth.  She recently received her certification with leading Enneagram teacher, Beth McCord at

She can be heard speaking at various events and workshops and preaching at her home church. She loves to write and has been featured on several blogs. One of her devotionals was published in Reflect: Fifty-Two Stories for Worshipers.

Melissa is married to her husband of 30 years, Larry, and has five children, two “home-grown” and three adopted.  They make their home in Southern California where sunshine, fish tacos and avocados abound.

You can also read her personal blog at Ravings of a Creative Suburban Housewife