My Enneagram Story

From the fundamentals of the Enneagram to typing interviews and in-depth individualized coaching based on YOUR unique type, there is something for everyone. From beginners to hard core Enneagram fanatics, from individuals, couples and families to small groups, retreats and conferences, THIS is where your growth can begin!

Your journey in your own Enneagram story consists of three stages:

  1. Investigate – Learn what the Enneagram is, how it can help you transform you, your relationships and your story and discover your personal Enneagram profile!
  2. Activate – Once you’ve uncovered your Enneagram profile, it’s time to activate the impact of the Enneagram in your story. You will get personalized coaching on your type, your wings, your levels of alignment and health and more!
  3. Cultivate – Utilizing the knowledge of the Enneagram and your new insight into your type, you will start to move through your obstacles, challenges and goals and write a story with your life that is worth telling!


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Enneagram Overview – Group (Limited Time)

1.5 hours – Coaching through the basic structure of the Enneagram and the 9 types as well as the benefits of learning your number in a small group setting.

Investigate – Typing Interview

Individual (Step 2)

Appproximately 1 hour – Individualized coaching to find your unique Enneagram type with it’s strengths and it’s challenges. (Prerequisite: Enneagram Overview – Group or Individual or Equivalent Knowledge)

Couples (Step 2)

Approximately 90 minutes – Coaching to determine both members unique Enneagram types with their strengths and their challenges. (Prerequisite: Enneagram Overview – Group or Individual or Equivalent Knowledge)

Activate – Growth Bundle

Individual (Step 3)

5 sessions – 50 minutes each – Individualized coaching with an in depth journey into all the colors and layers of your Enneagram type and the aspects that are unique to YOU. (Prerequisite: Typing Interview)

Couples (Step 3)

5 sessions – 75 minutes each – Coaching with a deep dive into the couple’s Types and how it effects their relational style and health. (Prerequisite: Typing Interview)

Let’s find your unique self… together.

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